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Philippine Condotel Marketing Group PLC International take advantage of the credit crunch by offering partnerships with real estate agents across Europe to boost their income through condo hotel buy-to-let investment sales

Internet Marketing will drive the Philippine real estate market upwards says a leading real-estate Condotel marketing group and they poured cold water on speculations the construction and real-estate sector in the Philippines is heading for a slump on the back of the global credit crisis.

Hosting their weekly simultaneous web conference with international realtors and estate agents across North America, Australia and the UK on the topic “Effects of Global Construction Costs and the Philippines” Beth Collingz, overseas marketing director of PLC Global, lead marketing partners for the Lancaster Brand of Condo Hotels in the Philippines, said developers, in anticipation of the recurrence of double digit inflation that will be caused by the huge monetary pump priming efforts of Governments across the Globe, will be forced to implement at least 15-percent increases in prices of preconstruction projects over the next six to twelve months and this will have minimal effect on the industry in general and even less effect on the current market base for Condo Hotel investors as real estate markets slowly recover from the credit crisis.

Collingz allayed fears of some real estate brokers, sales and marketing agents that the real-estate boom in the Philippines is heading for a bust. “The problem is the mindset of marketing people whom are quick to talk negatives and then force themselves into a box dealing with the wrong mindset and mistaken buyers for their developments and not global economics that we have no control over.

If you know your trade and you are offering a good product “the market is here to stay so why rock the boat” she said, even as she advised investors to become more astute in their choice of investments. “Common sense in today’s market dictates to look at the pricing trend of a preconstruction development; if the prices are the same today as they were 12 months ago for a development set to go up in 2012 and onwards, chances are the project will suffer”.

“People have to realize that markets, especially in real estate, go in 10 year repetitive cycles. Compared to today’s situation, on world escalation in fuel and construction material costs, we have had far worse to contend with in the past two cycles the real-estate industry in the Philippines and South-East Asia in general, has experienced. It was by far worse times during the late ’80s and the devastating effects of the Asian financial crisis near the end of the ’90s with a very limited market base” said Collingz.

With the arrival of the internet and communications technology, the whole world suddenly became our market in the Millennium. It is now a global market and with our Condo Hotel developments, sales volume from among near 10 million Filipinos abroad combined with foreign investors from Asia, Europe and the Middle East, remains on the increase.

In order to maintain sales momentum, current marketing trends simply have to change. If you compare the situation in the late ’80s to today, people forget the telex machine had just become redundant and communication was limited to sending a fax offer to buy real estate. A top of the line computer was Apple IIE. Cellular phones were few and far between and the internet was not even around. Ergo, Philippine real-estate investors were merely comprised of wealthy local Chinese businessmen.

During the late 90’s Asian Crisis, not many people used the internet. Now it’s 2011 and a very different ballgame. Today’s technology, unheard of 15 to 20 years ago, has for the most part contributed to sales and marketing efforts of developers and will continue to do so. It is the communication factor that will drive sales of Philippine real estate upwards through 2011 well into 2015 and beyond said Collingz.

Now I receive daily calls and numerous emails from prospective buyers in Australia, Hawaii, New York, Doha, Dubai and the UK. I even get calls from clients located in Fiji and Mauritius. During the previous crisis years I didn’t get any. To maintain sales, its really a simple matter of being organized, having a great development to market with global appeal, an excellent developer, focus, mind set, intelligence, time, enthusiasm and dedication said Collingz whose company has been consistent top producer for the Lancaster Brand of Condotel Investments in the Philippines.

Whilst some agents dwell on the number of Philippine properties bought by Filipinos based in the US has began to fall because of the credit crunch, it is a blow but not significant as there are new investment clients out there and we do not focus on the US as a sole marketplace for our sales said Collingz.

“Global investors are looking to replace failed pension plans and other future saving schemes with a solid investment in real estate. Many are looking for investments that will give them an income for retirement. Savvy investors are now looking for a more solid investment with potential for monthly income and Philippine Condo Hotel investments are ideal because Philippine Hotel rates are the same if not more expensive than those in the US or Europe but the entry level to purchase real estate is only about 20% of what you would have to pay for a Studio in Manhattan” credit crunch or not she added.

The British buy-to-let overseas investors market is strong as mortgage funds dry up in the UK. There are also indications that the Russians may take up some of the slack. First-time Russian overseas buyers are now looking at South-East Asia and particularly the Philippines. Overseas property specialists, David Stanley Redfern Ltd., whom are one of Collingz’ marketing partners based in the UK, have predicted sustained growth in the Philippines over the next 5 years.

Further fuelling real estate development is the fact the Philippines remains undiscovered as far as British and many European investors are concerned. Yet because of its close links to the US, English is widely spoken and it is well regarded for its people, affordable living, beaches and diving. It’s a whole new market enthused Collingz. “Buying property here is easier than many people think and investment from overseas in tourism real estate is growing, especially in the resort areas of Cebu and Manila itself where rental potential is good”.

However, anyone considering Philippine Real Estate Investments should move now and lock in at current price levels said Collingz. Buyers whom reserve now can take advantage of current prices locked in for their units and see an immediate equity return on their investment said Collingz.

The Lancaster brand of Condotels in the Philippines offers overseas buy to let investors the option of ready occupancy condo-hotel units at Lancaster Suites Manila and Lancaster Cebu and pre-completion Guaranteed Rental Income Studio suites at Lancaster Atrium Manila.

Collingz said apart from expanding its overseas agent base, PLC International Marketing Networks are also looking for qualified Realtors, Real Estate Agents or Brokers from the Philippines whom would like to travel abroad with proven Real Estate sales background and marketing skills to sell the Lancaster Brand of Philippine Condo Hotel Investments in the United States and Europe. Applicants must have a valid current US or EU Visa and be willing to spend 3-6 months abroad with proven Filipino expatriate contacts, relatives or friends living in key Cities. Return air-fare, monthly living allowance and good rate of commission will be given to successful applicants.

Beth Collingz
PLC International Marketing Networks
Pacific Concord Properties Inc., Manila Head Office
Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong City.
Metro Manila. Philippines

Pacific Concord Properties Inc., Cebu Office
Lapu-Lapu City, Mactan.
Cebu. Philippines
Phone: Cebu [6332] 340 0721
Web: [Lancaster Atrium Manila]
Web: [Lancaster Suites Manila]

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