Friday, October 17, 2008

US property experts predict a trend in overseas investment with the Philippines near the top of the list of favorable real estate markets

Overseas Condotel investments: American property investors with money to spend are starting to look overseas rather than buying in their own country, and Philippine Condotel Investments, with their low price entry level, no down payment and easy finance and IRA options are becoming an attractive investment according to US NAR market survey reports.

US investors are now looking at offshore vacation locations and areas that are good for retirement, claims Beth Collingz, overseas sales director for PLC International Marketing Networks based in Manila whom specialize in the Lancaster Brand of Philippine Condotel Investments. She says Americans have always bought property in other countries at a fraction of what it would cost for a similar place in the States, especially in the Caribbean and Latin America and the Philippines is no different.

But with the dollar trading at low levels, money doesn't go as far anymore, and she predicts all the signs are pointing to a huge number of Americans interested in buying abroad with the Philippines near top of the list of favorable investments.

Collingz says, despite the local market turn down among Filipinos in the US whom are feeling the credit crunch, she is receiving more enquiries and sales from Americans whom have never been to the Philippines.

Many Americans are not aware they could manage their IRA investment portfolios themselves, and even fewer knew that they could invest their IRA retirement money in something other than stocks and bonds. As of last year, finance and retirement experts suggest that only approximately 2% of the nations $3 trillion in IRA investment is stashed in real estate and other non-traditional investment vehicles. If you’re considering using your IRA savings to invest in real estate, there are some excellent reasons that you should choose Philippine Condotel Investment real estate to drive your retirement portfolio into high profit margins said Collingz.

“Investing in foreign real estate is neither as risky nor as tricky as a lot of people would have you believe. It’s still possible to buy a preconstruction Condotel suite at Lancaster – The Atrium located in Metro Manila, Philippines, for less than $60,000”.

“The beauty of holding property in the Philippines is the low cost of property taxes and maintenance combined with high rental returns. A $60,000 Condotel suite may set you back $300 in property taxes per year, and maintenance costs are similarly low. When you add in the tax-protected status of investments made in your IRA, and the 12-16% returns through rental income through the Condotel advantage, you have an incredible ROI on a purchase of Philippine Condotel investment real estate” enthused Collingz.

PLC International’s aggressive internet marketing business reaches out to would-be buyers in all corners of the world whom can search for property on the net with its newly launched Condotel portals. What is more important said Collingz is that we answer our clients enquiries immediately on the upside of purchasing investment property in the Philippines, likely returns and rental yields, through property video presentations whilst sitting behind their own computer.

A wider range of no prequalification finance is also helping. Pacific Concord Properties Inc [PCPI] the developer of the Lancaster Brand of Condo Hotels in both Manila and Cebu is offering American-style financing and customer relations for people who want to own Condotel investment property in the Philippines. This is clearly the trend of the future she said.

Lancaster Manila Atrium Tower A, Shaw Boulevard, Metro Manila, Philippines is a "Full Service" Condominium Hotel ["Condotel"] offering Studio, One, Two and Three Bedroom Suites for sale on up to 12 year ‘In-House’ developer extended no pre-qualification payment terms available to non-resident foreign nationals and investors with the option of enrolling their units in the Lancaster Condotel Rental Pool and earn Rental Incomes when not using their units through our own Lancaster Hotels Condo Management. This makes Lancaster Suites Manila, one of the Hottest Investment Opportunities in the Philippines said Collingz.

PCPI have introduced a simple developer extended 12 year no down payment financing for all their preconstruction Condotel units and 15 year equity financing through their local partner Banks, as Americans like familiarity. The number one reason people don't pull the trigger is they can't find the friendly financing combined with the straight answers they are used to getting in the States, said Collingz.

For further info regarding Lancaster Philippines Condo Hotel Investments please do not hesitate to contact us....

Beth Collingz
PLC International Marketing Networks
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Phone: Manila [632] 717 1958
Fax: Manila [632] 718 1828

Pacific Concord Properties Inc., Cebu Office
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Phone: Cebu [6332] 340 0721
Fax: [6332] 495 4938
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