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Pacific Concord Properties Inc [PCPI] a Philippine Company on a Mission

Pacific Concord Properties Inc [PCPI] is a trendsetter in the Philippines real state development market.

Conceptualized in 2001 with an aim to provide full quality service specifically geared toward the Philippine middle market residential and office requirements, PCPI is continuously endeavoring to lead the way to world-standard buyer security and protection for the local market.

Inspired by the vision and leadership of its founders, the company is making inroads in showing the way that building homes and buildings can be regulated in order to protect both the interests of buyer and developer.

Pacific Concord is the joint vision of Ron Lim and Jeff Finney. Finney is a property investments consultant with many years of deep experience in marketing, investing, developing and propagating property. He has worked with industry greats like Knight, Franak and Bailleau as well as L & D of China. He is well grounded on building marketing and developments as well as property management. Ron Lim on the other hand is a mechanical engineer by vocation but with a marketing man’s feel for the wants of buyers. He seems to instinctively know what the market is looking for and is always well prepared to give it to them. Ron and Jeff have successfully marketed and promoted several real estate developments not only in the Philippines but in Hong Kong, Japan and North America as well [Canada included].

Ron and Jeff conceptualized pacific Concord to be responsible to the current fluctuations in the Philippine real estate market. They have developed and aimed PCPI to tap the middle sector and create a niche in an untapped sector of the market.

Today, Pacific Concord is proud to be establishing a custom and reputation for excellence. Pacific Concord defines the company as addressing the way a buyer wants to live at a cost that generates value for money. For PCPI, this means that a full-time commitment to giving our buyers much more than the personal attention and product that they deserve.

A home is the single most important investment that a family can make; most especially in the Philippines a home may represent the investment of a lifeline. As such, Pacific Concord Properties has a long-term commitment to all its buyers and investors. When someone trusts a company with their lifetime savings, the company has a moral responsibility to fulfill and maintain the confidence that their buyers have invested in them. This is PCPI’s dedication to its public – a lifetime assurance to a long-term value.

It is the company’s firm belief that the buyer’s peace of mind is always the most important aspect of any real estate transaction. This is not only PCPI’s priority. It is their mission and vision to build relationships with people and not just buildings.

PCPI aims for long-term, total buyer satisfaction that is initialized with the sale and continues long after the completion and turn over of the building. With an aim to give buyers full value for their investment, Pacific Concord does not aim to be the biggest real estate developers in the country, but want to be the leader in providing Value For Money services and products. Quality, dependability, and Value For money are the true benchmarks of an unassailable real estate investment.

As a self-regulating company it hopes to honor the relationships with both buyers and suppliers by handling all payment diligently and giving full priority to fulfill promises and commitments. Their first propriety will always be on-time project completion and turn over.

Lancaster Condotels in the Philippines - Brand Assets

Mandaluyong has long been considered as the heart of the “Golden Triangle” [Manila, Makati and Quezon City]. It has finally emerged as a veritable boom city. Mandaluyong is one of the leading business and industrial centers in the country. Today, the “New Tiger” of Metro Manila is making an unprecedented giant leap to progress.

What used to be a swampy, stagnating town, is now the haven of industrial giants and business conglomerates.

The city’s astonishing growth gained headway because its local and foreign investors honed a conducive climate for capital growth due to the city’s smooth business registration process and the peace and order situation. It offers deluxe hotels, commercial centers, high-rise office buildings and modern residential condominiums. Indeed, although Mandaluyong is the third smallest NCR city in land area, its strategic location and excellent allocation of resources have enabled it to be one of the foremost commercial districts in the capital.

Pacific Concord Properties flagship project – the newest condominium – business hotel that will soon be completed and ready for turnover to unit buyers in the heart of the metropolis is the Lancaster Suites. Standing majestically at the corner of Shaw boulevard corner Samat Street in Mandaluyong City, Lancaster Suites is a mixed-use condominium boasting an architectural excellence and design efficiency packaged into a five-star image. With world-class structural design, it provides excellent and efficient unit features and specifications.

Adjoining the Lancaster Suites is the soon to rise Lancaster – The Atrium which is the second tower on the same location. Aimed at providing an aesthetically pleasing lifestyle and upscale environment for modern families and urban professionals, the Lancaster – The Atrium will feature a 40-Strorey Atrium from the 2nd floor all the way up to the 42nd floor and have residential units [4 floors of Bi-Level units and 28 floors of studio and 1-2 Bedroom units], 2 floors of office spaces, and 4 floors of commercial shops and store unit for prime locators. The developers will also provide a grand lobby, a resort-style pool and recreation area with a gym and spa, sufficient parking, and all the other advantages that person would generally only find in a high-end upscale project development. As such the Lancaster Suites is emerging as a leader in providing convenience and sophistication at its best.

Since the middle market housing segment of the country has posted a 41% increase in the past few years, Pacific Concord Properties has positioned the Lancaster Suites to service the un-noticed middle market.

Most middle-market residential condominiums launched in the past two years have been sold out at record speed. Developers are constrained to better quality units as lower prices and with easier financial start-up payment plans for the investor / buyer. PCPI has also recognized the importance of the overseas market and has been successful in selling to Filipinos overseas especially in the US, Japan and Middle East.

Lancaster Condotels in the Philippines - Target Market

With a deal that goes beyond the usual fare, Lancaster Suites features the unique Buy Safe – Pay Easy Advantage Plan. Leading the way towards buyer security, all checks drawn are payable to an escrow account. The funds in escrow are disbursed purely for construction and other projected-related expenses – so buyers are assured that there will be no diversion of funds. Aside from an initial reservation fee, absolutely no down payment is required from our buyers. In additional, with our In-house no interest payment plans and maximum 6 years payment period no bank financing is needed.

One of the main strengths of the company is in the selling and marketing field. With an established network of external brokers, the company is able to reach out to a variety of potential clients and investors. PCPI also has a Buyer – Get Buyer Program where the Investors is encouraged to endorse or refer the project to his friends, family or relatives and receives a referral fee for every completed sale. The investor is not only a satisfied buyer but also becomes a potential source of sales and revenue. This further cements PCPI’s mission to develop relationships not just build and sell buildings.

Revenue is not its principal goal. Rather they view profit as the result of the public’s acceptance of their mission and vision whereby Pacific Concord is striving to build a fully amalgamated neighborhood as witness and tribute to the aspirations of both the developer and the residents. Endeavoring to give the middle market sector a full coterie of facilities and amenities that have only been afforded for the rich, the Lancaster Suites is being marketed at very affordable and reasonable prices that everyone can afford.

Pacific concord Properties feels that their accomplishment will rest on the joint dedication of both employees and business partners, be they suppliers or buyers. They are continuously working with partners who share the dream to deliver only the very best to clients and give them value for their investment in terms of excellence, pride of possession and long-term value.

For more information regarding Condotel Investment opportunities in the Philippines please do not hesitate to contact us:

Beth Collingz- Director
PLC International Marketing Networks
Pacific Concord Properties Inc., Head Office
Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong City.
Metro Manila. Philippines
Phone: Manila [632] 717 1958
Fax: Manila [632] 718 1828

Pacific Concord Properties Inc., Cebu Office
Lapu-Lapu City, Mactan.
Cebu. Philippines
Phone: Cebu [6332] 340 0721
Fax: [6332] 495 4938

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