Thursday, February 22, 2007

PCPI’s President/CEO Ronald M. Lim issues Condotel Investment Press Release

Ronald M. Lim, Pacific Concord Properties, Inc., [PCPI] President/CEO, issues a Press Release on the latest Philippine Condotel developments and updates for the progress of Lancaster Suites Manila.

Interviewed by Beth Collingz, Director for International Marketing Operations of PLC Global, Mr. Lim stated “In 2002, I started Pacific Concord Properties, Inc., with a dream to serve the needs of man. We are, after all, in the condominium-hotel industry and our business is to serve. Now, after almost five years, and with the help of our clients, we are slowly seeing the fruition of this dream.

In March 2007 we will officially start the condo hotel operations of Lancaster Cebu Resort Residences said Lim. “To manage this, we have established a new company, Lancaster Hotels, land and Properties, Inc., [LHLPI], which will be headed by Ben Ocena. Ben is a valuable addition to our company as he has had an impressive career in the Philippine hotel industry spanning almost four decades. His knowledge and experience in the business will help us obtain and maintain profitable operations of our condotel in Cebu as the summer season quickly approaches”.

Lim continued, “By September, we will also soft launch the Hotel Condo or ‘condotel’ operations of Lancaster Suites Manila. Just like Cebu, our timing for the soft launch of our project in Shaw Boulevard is perfect as we will be able to take advantage of the peak months of November and December. Before the year ends, we expect to fully operate the condotel and we will mark this significant event wit a grand launch in December. By positioning ourselves as the condotel of choice of people whom appreciate value for money propositions, we expect a high occupancy rate for our condotels in the months following the grand launch.

Collingz said “Lancaster Condotel Rentals will maintain a high occupancy rate throughout the year and in the years to follow with the support of PLC Global Marketing and LHLPI’s partners from the National Association of Independent Travel Agencies [NAITAS] in the Philippines.

In conclusion Lim added that “as construction for Lancaster Suites and Lancaster Cebu near completion, LHLPI will be there to continue our commitment to our customers. Our commitment to our customers doesn’t end with the construction of the building because ours is a continuous business of service. After all, serving the needs of man is just the start of business. But by continuing to serve the needs of the customer, we will stay in business”.

More info on Philippine Condotel Investments at Lancaster Suites Manila and Lancaster - The Atrium Manila can be found on our website:

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